Break-Free Guarantee

Accidents happen, and glass can break. We want to make sure an accident doesn’t ruin your day, or your timeless crystal. Every crystal purchase at Crystal Clear Memories comes with our Break Free Guarantee at no additional cost.

If an unfortunate circumstance arises and your treasured crystal is damaged, we will provide a replacement with the same design for only a small deductible. It’s that simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. In the event of crystal damage, reach out to us at with your original order number. Be sure to include two photos of the crystal damage, as this will be required to process the claim.
  2. After approving your claim, we’ll send you a product link and a promo code which will discount the full price of a new crystal to the deductible amount, shown below.
  3. Complete the purchase of your new crystal for the deductible price, and add any expedited shipping, if necessary (otherwise, ground shipping is free).

The cost of the deductible depends on the crystal to replace, and are as follows:

Price Shape SKUs Starting With
$10 Keychain
Mini Tower
$15 Small Brick
Small Tower
Medium Brick
Medium Tower
Small Cube
$20 Large Brick
Large Tower
Medium Heart
Medium Cube
Medium Prestige
$25 XX-Large Brick
XX-Large Tower
Large Heart
Large Cube

Terms and Conditions

  1. Replacement crystal must be of identical design to original crystal.
  2. Proof of original broken crystal, in the form of two photographs, is required.
  3. Replacement is at the discretion of Crystal Clear Memories.
  4. Maximum replacement events are 2 per original purchase, within five years of original purchase date.
  5. Ground shipping of replacements is free, faster shipping options are available for purchase.
  6. Break Free Guarantee applies to crystal purchases only. Bases and other non-crystal items are not included.
  7. Break Free Guarantee is applicable to purchases in the USA only and does not apply to international purchases.