What Makes It 3D?

It's like magic.

You can almost call it magical. How do we take your 2D photo and etch it into a solid piece of crystal in three dimensions? Well, we explain quite a bit how that works on our Engraving Process page, so please be sure to read through what makes that process so special and involved.

And it's at no additional cost.

Some of our competitors, however, charge extra for their 3D conversion service. It's no wonder why - if you read our Engraving Process, you'll see why it takes time and talent to convert a photo from 2D to 3D. But at Crystal Clear Memories, we include the conversion to 3D at no additional charge, provided the number of faces selected are correct for the crystal.

Too many faces or figures? No problem.

However, sometimes you may want more faces on a crystal than normally fit. For example, a wedding photo with a number of people on a crystal that is designed for 2 or 3 faces. This is no problem. Reach out to our customer service team either by chat or by email and we will be happy to engrave your crystal in 2D, which will fit any image.

Not a face or figure? We can do it!

Other than faces or figures, many customers request crystals of other objects - cars, boats, or more. Place your order with confidence in knowing we'll do whatever we can to engrave your photo in 3D as you'd want it, satisfaction guaranteed. If for whatever reason our designers can't make it happen, we'll let you know quickly.

Company logos? Awards or trophies?

Many customers have also chosen to engrave company logos, or just text (such as an award or trophy text) onto their crystal. We'd be happy to do this for you as well! Reach out to our customer service team either by chat or by email and we'll walk you through a custom order with a 2D logo or text.

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