Trust Promise

It's a 5-letter word defined by Webster's Dictionary as "assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something." It's a quality that many ecommerce and physical stores lack, either because of neglect, malice, or incompetence. And it's something that we work to earn from you every time you visit. Our Trust Promise is comprised of 5 principles that we work to achieve every day.

Trust in Product

We're confident you'll love our products, and that your expectations will be met. You'll be able to see your crystal before you buy with our patented LIVE PREVIEW™. LIVE PREVIEW™ laser crystal engraving is our unique service that allows you to visualize a prototype of the engraved product before buying. It allows you to purchase your crystal with more confidence that you'll love the finished product. Our LIVE PREVIEW™ engraving and etching services have been around since August 2018, and we take pride in very high customer satisfaction. You can be confident that all of our product reviews are real, as we'll even ask you to write a review after receiving your product, because all of ours are written by real customers like you.

Trust in Pricing

Some competitors have hidden fees you don't see until checkout. Fees to convert your photo to 3D. Fees for extra faces in your photo. Worst yet, exorbitant fees for shipping that don't appear until you're ready to cash out. All of our prices are listed on the product pages before you put in time and effort customizing your product. Our ground shipping rates are totally free, and we offer faster shipping options to meet your deadlines. Even better, unless you're a Florida resident, you won't have to pay sales tax.

Trust in Delivery

We know how it is when your gift isn't received in time to give it to your recipient. It's an awful feeling. We're delighted to give you a guaranteed delivery date when checking out, accounting for the time it takes to prepare your custom gift once we have the photo we need to engrave your crystal. If we miss the deadline, we'll make it right. Unlike some competitors, we aren't drop shipping from a factory in China, we're hand-engraving your keepsake in Florida and shipping directly to you.

Trust in Security

You hear it every day on the news. Credit cards stolen. Email addresses breached. You're right to be cautious before handing over your personal data, and we take that responsibility seriously. We use bank-grade encryption to protect your purchase information. We "tokenize" your credit card data before it ever reaches our server, so we can proudly proclaim we're PCI compliant. When you shop with us, the security of your information is our utmost concern.

Trust in Privacy

In addition to unforeseen data breaches, many companies don't take the individual privacy of their users seriously. We promise not to sell your data to third parties. All of our newsletters are opt-in, meaning we won't send you information you don't want to see. When you're our customer, you're our customer only – not anyone else's.