About Us

Holding an unpolished crystal in a factory where the glass is cut.
Crystal Clear Memories owner holding an unpolished crystal in a factory

Hello! I’m Dan Nunn, and welcome to Crystal Clear Memories. By now, you’ve probably come here wondering who is behind this and what kind of treasured gifts we can make for you, your family, and your friends. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

Several years ago, I started selling beautiful acrylic photo frames on Amazon. It was a hit, and I sold tens of thousands of frames to customers all across the USA. My customers loved putting their photos in these frames and showing them off to the world.

Crystal Clear Memories owner holding an unpolished crystal in a factory.
Crystal Clear Memories owner holding an unpolished crystal in a factory

Some of the most important customer feedback I received was how customers loved that the photo frames would show off the content inside, not the frame itself. Then it hit me: How could I create a unique memento, custom to you, that’s beautiful on the outside, but more importantly, drew attention to the memory inside?

This search led me to find and investigate what would become our incredible engraved crystal product line. I toiled for months, searching out existing providers in the marketplace. You’ve probably seen some of them. The non-reputable mall kiosk vendors that inundate you as you walk by. The exorbitantly high-priced gift engraving shops. The difficult to navigate online websites where you’re not sure what you’ll get in the end, or when you’ll get it.

I set out to make Crystal Clear Memories different.

A site that’s clean and easy to navigate.

A store where there are no hidden costs or questionable delivery timelines.

A product that you’ll love, with a guarantee to prove it.

I launched Crystal Clear Memories with this mission in mind. You'll see innovations like our LIVE PREVIEW™, our patented engraving demonstration service, that allows you to see a rendering of your crystal before you make a purchase. It’s one of our unique services that you won't find anywhere else, enhancing your buying experience with us.

As time goes on, I’ll be adding exciting new products and services with the same core goal: putting your memories front and center, with the best buying experience possible. I’d love for you to join me through this journey. Enter your email address below and I'll be in touch just a handful of times per year with a treat you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Happy Memories,

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