Crystal Clear Memories Supports Ukraine

As you’ve no doubt seen, Russian President Vladimir Putin is waging a brutal, unprovoked war against the people and the country of Ukraine.

This tragedy has a special significance to us, and I wanted to share a message from one of our teammates.

Here at Crystal Clear Memories, we have 3D artists that convert your photos into 3D in order to engrave the crystals you love. This is not an automated process, real people spend hours on each of your photos.

Many of our 3D artists are located all across Ukraine, and I spent time with them in Kyiv last summer getting to know how wonderful they are. Huge hearts, huge ambition, and amazing people, with their way of life now in shambles.

The head of our 3D team, Andri, has a message he prepared, read, and wants to share with our customers:

Andri is a friend of mine who has graciously shown me around Kyiv when I visited him. His dream was, and still is, to travel to our USA headquarters in Florida, rent a car, and drive across the country all the way to California (I'm trying to talk him out of that long drive, but he insists). Unfortunately, with war waging, and the US Embassy closed in Ukraine, this dream doesn't seem possible for the foreseeable future.

In addition, we have web developers, software developers, and video editors (the very videos you see on Facebook and Instagram) all in Ukraine. As of now, all are safe and accounted for - many have relocated to Lviv in Western Ukraine to avoid the dangerous situation in Kyiv.

We will be donating a percentage of our revenue to help Ukrainian causes and relief in the time ahead, and if this message has moved you, we highly encourage you to assist as well.

Here are some reputable organizations, should you choose to help:

Red Cross Ukraine, at the time of this writing, their website is down, but please check back later
Nova Ukraine, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine
Come Back Alive, a Kyiv-based charity providing Ukraine’s Armed Forces with equipment, software, personal body protection and training

You can also find additional reputable organizations to donate to on the Ukraine Government's official website at

We are desperately hoping the situation improves in Ukraine. Please join us in assisting with your donations, prayers, and anything else you can do to help the wonderful people of Ukraine.


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